If I search given word with search.cgi, I get correct number of occurences.

But if I do it with SQL (no matter in mysql or sqlite3), they show extra occurence. For example, if a given word is in a given original file twice, they tell that there are three occurences. SQL query is almost the same one found in Mnogosearch's manual, except that I am using only one word:

SELECT url.url, count(*) AS RANK FROM dict, url WHERE url.rec_id=dict.url_id AND dict.word IN ('word') GROUP BY url.url ORDER BY rank DESC;

I'd like to know (by SQL query) position of word in the original file (to use filepos function). There is at least coord column in dict table. Coord contains section id and word's position in relationship to section, if I have understood correctly. How to extract the relative position from coord, or is the position information elsewhere in database? If I disabled all sections, would coord actually contain the absolute position?

I'm using "single mode" as to database.

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