Author: Jeff Dwork
I'm indexing a mailing list archive. Pages never change. Every 
week a few pages are added in a new directory. The archive is on 
the same machine as the index, so my server directive is

Server file:///var/www/domain/msgs/

I ran a full index (indexer --drop; indexer --create; indexer -a) 
after creating the archive. The next week I add new messages in a 
new directory (for example: /var/www/domain/msgs/v117n013/). I 
cannot get the new pages indexed. I tried 'indexer' with no 
options and several variations on
 indexer -a -u '%/v117n013/%'
all report 0 documents indexed.
So I have to run another full index.

How can I get only the new pages indexed?


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