Author: Alexander Barkov
> Unfortunately it did not work, but I found a working method.
> I added 'Period 30y' before my 'Server' command in config file and 
> did
>  indexer --drop
>  indexer --create
>  indexer -a
> It ran forever. I killed it (ctrl-C) and it reported crawling over 
> 500000 pages - there are about 16000 pages on the site.

It seems 30y makes some integer overflow.
Should work with "Period 1y".

> I removed the 'Period' command and reindexed the site. I then 
> added a new directory with the newest pages and did:
>  indexer -ai -u ''
>  indexer --index

The above command will insert '' into 
the database. This is probably not what you need.

It should be:

indexer -ai -u ''
indexer --index

> This processed only the new pages and correctly added them to the 
> index.
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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