Ok, I've put together an alpha release of compiler-config-2.0.  This is
a replacement for gcc-config which is alot more configurable

Some notable improvements over gcc-config-1.3.x:
GCC_SPECS and PATH are nolonger set in /etc/env.d/05gcc.  Instead, that
info is in the config files and extracted by the wrapper.
Users can have their own settings rather than use the system compiler.
Multilib archs will be able to have more control over the compilers used
for each ABI.  For example, you can install x86_64-*-gcc-3.4.4 and
i686-*-gcc-3.3.6 and choose to use either 3.4.4 or 3.3.6 when compiling
code with i686-*-gcc

Also, many thanks to sekretarz for writing the config file parser.

Emerge eselect before you install this.

This is alpha.  It might break; the eselect module still needs cleaning
up and functionality added; yada yada yada.  There's no migration script
yet from the 1.3.x config files, and also toolchain.eclass doesn't make
config files for it either which means you need to make the config files
yourself.  You can find sample config files for gcc-3.4.4 on amd64 in
the conf directory of the tarball.  Just copy them
to /etc/eselect/compiler and edit them appropriately.  If anyone wants
to help with the migration script or anything else for that matter,
please let me know.

I'm not making an ebuild for it because there's no migration script for
it, and I'd like to get it cleaned up and finished more before it
reaches cvs (even in a package.mask state).



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