Mark Loeser wrote:
Since we currently have language herds for other languages such as Ada,
Perl, and Java, I don't think C++ should be any different.  There are
currently many packages in the tree that are C++ libraries or utilities
that are no-herd and are actively maintained, and there are probably
some that have just been sitting around rotting.  With the creation of a
C++ herd, there would be a team that could support these packages,
instead of a single maintainer, if the package has one.  Below is a list
of all of the packages that I believe would qualify as falling under
this herd.  If you see your name in the following list, I'd especially
like to hear from you.  Names with a '?' next to them are packages that
had no metadata and I guessed from the changelog who the maintainer is.
 I would also like to see many of them, if not all, moved to the dev-cpp


I'm game.

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