On Saturday 17 September 2005 22:24, Mark Loeser wrote:
> Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > On Saturday 17 September 2005 02:22 pm, Mark Loeser wrote:
> >>The reason for me adding that bit is the metadata from dev-cpp:
> >>
> >>The dev-cpp category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the
> >>c++ programming language.
> >>
> >>Now to me, that means I can find *all* relevant C++ stuff here.  If
> >> we don't want that to be the case, maybe we should say
> >> "miscellaneous", but why should something be in dev-libs, as
> >> compared with dev-cpp? net-libs, I could understand, and dev-games,
> >> as those could be argued to have a direct relation.
> >
> > for generic C++ packages (STLport/boost for example), i can see them
> > being in the dev-cpp category ... but for packages which have
> > specific uses already and arent in 'generic' categories, i dont think
> > they should be moved
> I agree with this, but I think dev-libs and dev-util are generic
> categories, and moving these packages from there would help users in
> finding what they need.  I think this is what you are saying atleast :)

I think that dev-util is a very specific category containing development 
utilities of some sort. There might be some misclassifications in them, 
but from a user perspective I don't really care about the language 
anything is written in. As C++ is so widespread I don't think that 
anything but app-misc or the like should be moved into a dev-cpp 


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