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I haven't search the mailing list. Please forgive me if the discussion was already started earlier by someone else.
After posting and closing the bug report:
Jakub Moc noticed that the current >=virtual/x11-7.0 ebuild misses its task and creates trouble.

For example: This ebuild behaves partly like a ordinary meta build and installs imake. You need imake (more correctly xmfmk) to install tightvnc.

Unfortunately you are not forced to install at least virtual/x11-7.0-r1. virtual/x11-7.0 causes trouble with tightvnc because of the missing xmfmk tool.

For that reason I want to request the deletion of virtual/x11-7.0 and that at least some dependencies of virtual/x11 are moved to =>x11-base/xorg-x11-7.0 where these dependencies belong to IMHO. xorg-x11 is a meta ebuild. virtual/x11 shouldn't be a second meta ebuild for the Modular X.org because otherwise you would have two meta ebuilds that will maybe cause more trouble in the future.

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