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>> However the behaviour displayed in this list, and in particular this

>> thread are downright embarassing. I used to be proud of being a gentoo

>> user and following a group of dedicated and clever developers. Now I

>> just want to find a quick and easy way to get rid of it. You have had

>> your antics displayed to the world via a thrashing on slashdot, and

>> most of you thoroughly deserve the public outing.


>> Its time you people had a good look at yourselves. Start behaving like

>> adults, not children fighting over the toys in the sandpit. You make it

>> hard to promote gentoo when you are arguing over the wording of people

>> announcing a new project.


>> Nick.



>Recall that the majority of developers barely respond on this list and

>just *develop*; I wouldn't suggest lumping everyone in that category;

>although I'm sure I fall into it from time to time.

Ahh thats a fair point indeed.


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