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Please keep in mind that only a few of the approximately 300 Gentoo
developers are taking part in this discussion and only a few of them
actually seem to get a bit more heated than it should be.
If you think they are behaving poorly, feel free to think so, but
remember that they do not entirely represent Gentoo.

I agree entirely, however I also think that the actions of a few can
be magnified in the public's eye and reflect upon a the whole group.

I think that many (most?) people would agree that in both this
discussion and the one surrounding the Sunrise project lines have been
crossed.  The Etiquette Policy [1] specifies that "... as a developer,
what you say and do reflects upon Gentoo and the project as a whole.
We just require you to be equally respectful to developers and users
alike, and to value the opinion of everybody - even if you think it's
totally wrong."

[1] http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/devrel/handbook/handbook.xml?part=3&chap=2

What control mechanisms are there within the Gentoo community to keep
a few bad apples from spoiling the whole barrel, as it were?  I do not
wish to name any names, but it seems to me from having skimmed this
list for the past few years that there are a couple people who are
continually embroiled in flame wars and, in my opinion, are bringing
discredit to Gentoo in general and the developers in particular.
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