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Just a note to this. I'm co-maintainer of netbeans ebuild. Netbeans does
milestone releases. These are pretty stable and usable since milestone 7
of netbeans 6.0 with many new features that make sense to use the
milestone releases. I have to name the ebuilds netbeans-6.0_alpha7 etc.
though I was assured by mkt guy from Sun it is not yet alpha quality. It
would be fair to the upstream and to users to not use _alpha because it
is not alpha but there's no appropriate choice available.

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Miroslav Šulc (fordfrog)
Gentoo/Java Team

William L. Thomson Jr. napsal(a):
> After reviewing 
> http://devmanual.gentoo.org/ebuild-writing/file-format/index.html#file-naming-rules
> I still seem to be having to finagle version names for some packages. At
> the moment it would be nice if we also had the following suffixes
> available
> _dev
> Apache upstream, specifically Tomcat/mod_jk tends to do developer
> snapshots that they then host out of developer space. People do fetch
> bins and source from there for testing. It's kinda pre-release, so I
> have been using _pre where I would use _dev, but _pre does not make much
> sense.
> _build
> Other packages seem to do constant builds (weekly) of the same version.
> For example Glassfish (Sun's FOSS J2EE stuff). It's sources are v2-b39.
> So would be nice to be able to do like glassfish-servlet-api-2_build39
> _snapshot
> This one is kinda universal in it's name/implication. Would be for any
> sort of upstream snapshot release, that might not be versioned as such.
> Short of the name snapshot being some where.
> The above would then follow the rest of the normal schema, where in they
> could still be suffixed by a number, or not.
> Hierarchy would be the following
> snapshot -> dev -> build -> alpha -> beta ....
> Or at least that's my thoughts on it. Time for others thoughts, much
> less those that will make it so. Not expecting it to get done or be
> available any time soon. Would be suffice if they were just accepted and
> planned for inclusion at some point.

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