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"José Luis Rivero (yoswink)" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Ehm, IMHO call it discriminate is a big hard. Are the gnome-2.18 or 
> beryl users discriminated or they should be using something different
> to Gentoo? They only thing people have to do is use some ~arch branch 
> packages, which isn't too difficult (in Gentoo).

No no no.
In my example we can only use one version of the game with the upstream
servers. There is only 1 upstream server, we have to use it.

So if it supports 6 archs and some of the arch teams take a few months
to mark it stable then the chances are it will be out of date anyway
and the "slacker arches" will never have a stable keyword.

So remove the onus on slacker arches making games stable I just don't
bother with the stable keyword for network games ever.

Gnome-2.18 on the other hand is a desktop product with zero upstream
interaction except with programs that have clearly defined protocols
and are normally backwards compatible. Like say HTTP

> This is how I see it:
> Problem with keywording straight to stable is that arch teams are
> very zealous about our stable branch. We put a lot of time trying
> things to not fail in stable, and if an app is broken, we prefer to
> not force the users to compile and install another broken (or unknown
> to be broken) version and work to fix the current stable (patches or
> bumping) together with the maintainer.

Right, but if stable client version != stable usptream server version
it cannot be used anyway, making the stable keyword here a bit of a

> But if you send things, that you can't try, to stable, the qa baby
> jesus will cry if it fails, because nobody has taken care of even
> compile it in the arch  :)

Well, that's up to the arch teams I guess. Lots of things fail randomly
on g/fbsd because of a patch added to fix a linux bug. Maybe when we
g/fbsd gets a stable branch then we'll come down on the linux
developers like a ton of bricks :)


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