Mike Doty wrote:
George Prowse wrote:
Kumba wrote:
Kumba wrote:
So I'm told debian has one of these types of MLs, probably where the
flames burn bright enough to have earned a star designation from the
IAU.  Given what's been going on lately, and with calls from myself
and others (i.e., mcummings) to get back on track and actually like,
you know, develop something, I think it's high time we create this
list ourselves.
Anyways, thoughts?
Bug #181368 is filed.  Those seeking this reply-to non-munging will
probably want to post a note there and let infra decide on that matter.

Lets try and make this work, k?


I say, just to be ironic, let the proctors decide and not infra :D
just to be ironic, infra makes the decision on new lists :Q

That would be the point of the irony...
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