On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 06:35:04PM -0400, Daniel Drake wrote:
>  Greg KH wrote:
> > Is speakup finally dropped from the gentoo tree in this release?
>  Yes
> > Was there a reason for this?
>  It no longer compiles, as the legacy way of accessing serial ports 
>  disappeared, serial is now a platform device. I can't see an easy fix.
>  It may return in future, in a different form. I suggested some future 
>  direction here:
>  http://speech.braille.uwo.ca/pipermail/speakup/2007-July/044137.html

Ok, thanks for pointing me at this.  I've already started discussing
this with a few of the users on that list.  I tried a number of years to
get this code into shape enough to get into the main kernel tree.  Looks
like I'll try this again.


greg k-h
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