Dear Gentoo Devs and Users,

The time has finally come for me to resign from Gentoo.  I've been
meaning to do it for many months now, but the logistics took a little
bit of time.  Effective Monday, Nov. 26, I will no longer consider
myself an official Gentoo developer.  Before then I will make commits to
two or so packages for which James Rowe is the official maintainer and I
was his proxy.  Justin Bronder (jsbronder) has agreed to take over the
proxy maintainership for them.

I've been here a long time and I've made many many friends (and, I
suppose, a few enemies).  For both, I'm grateful.  There are too many
people to thank -- you all know who you are :P.

I'll be subscribed to this list for a while, and of course, I'll still
be on IRC in various channels.  For those of you wishing to maintain
email contact with me, I can be reached at:  seemant (at) kulleen (dot)

I hope that the fun in Gentoo will return soon.  It certainly seems like
there's been a positive tide turning as of late, so I leave with

Be well, everyone.



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