Jose Luis Rivero wrote:
> I would suggest this kind of question based on the different ideas shown
> by the developers comunity:
>  - What is proper way to make changes to ebuild related information
>    (metadata.dtd)? Do we need a GLEP? It only need to be discussed in -dev
>    first? Gentoo-doc is who control metadata.dtd?

Eh? News to me. No, we in the GDP don't control it. In viewing the
history [1], I see that neysx did make one commit to it, but that's
because he's a go-to guy for xml/dtd stuff in general, not because this
file is under the sole control of the GDP. We're not the ebuild
developers/writers . . . you are. Granted, we do have commit access to
that part of gentoo/xml/, but we're not the be-all and end-all for
suggested changes to metadata.dtd.

Something the council might want to keep in mind.


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