On Dec 10, 2007 10:21 AM, Donnie Berkholz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 00:26 Mon 10 Dec     , Robin H. Johnson wrote:
> > What I've got for my Xorg testing setup, is foo-9999-rX, with a number
> > of different -X values that I just select from via package.{un,}mask
> > while testing - this saves altering everything else in the tree to pick
> > some package that has a different name just to satisfy a branch (which
> > also requires lots of ${MY_PN} mockery for some packages.
> > You'd also need to put '!cat/pn-feat' in the base cat/pn package and
> > vice-versa.
> While we're getting a bit off the original topic here, it occurred to me
> that using SLOTs for this, in combination with various SLOT deps and
> SLOT blockers, might work. Then one could use a search tool that would
> display SLOTs to show you which branch you're getting.

Too tricky. It would confuse package managers and would break the
meaning of SLOT. An use expanded SCM_BRANCH combined with use
dependencies makes more sense and, hopefully, would be something


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