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While we're getting a bit off the original topic here, it occurred to me
that using SLOTs for this, in combination with various SLOT deps and
SLOT blockers, might work. Then one could use a search tool that would
display SLOTs to show you which branch you're getting.

Too tricky. It would confuse package managers and would break the
meaning of SLOT. An use expanded SCM_BRANCH combined with use
dependencies makes more sense and, hopefully, would be something

You've made these assertions about confusion and breakage, and I would like to understand the reasoning behind them. I don't understand how it would be different than any other SLOT, because they're already a string. USE_EXPAND doesn't allow for the possibility of multiple SLOTs installed at once, which is a feature I would like.

Right, can't you just suffix the SLOT name?  My gcc svn builds just
do SLOT="${GCC_BRANCH_VER}-svn".  This could be a special case though
since a gcc install is pretty carefully separated from its other SLOTs.

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