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> It's my pleasure to introduce Ingmar Vanhassel (ingmar) as a new
> Gentoo developer. He will be on the KDE team, as he already has
> extensive experience with the KDE4 overlay. Quoting his mentor in his
> new-dev bug:
> "He has rewritten large parts of the KDE4 eclasses, single-handedly
> implemented new pre-releases and [...] worst of all, [...] he has more
> commits than myself (and many of us) and that's, of course, totally
> unacceptable for a mere user so he, too, must be assimilated. ;-)"
> Ingmar lives in Dudzele, near Brugge, Belgium, and studies economics.
> He has what he calls an inexplicable (but healthy in my book)
> addiction to Jazz music, and plays cello and electric guitar. Besides
> the KDE overlay he spent some time working on traverso, the
> multi-track audio-recorder. He has experience with bash and ruby.
> Please everybody, give a very warm welcome to Ingmar.
> Denis.

I don't usually reply to the mails.. but this one deserves a
_WELCOME_. :-)

- drc
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