It's my pleasure to introduce Ingmar Vanhassel (ingmar) as a new
Gentoo developer. He will be on the KDE team, as he already has
extensive experience with the KDE4 overlay. Quoting his mentor in his
new-dev bug:
"He has rewritten large parts of the KDE4 eclasses, single-handedly
implemented new pre-releases and [...] worst of all, [...] he has more
commits than myself (and many of us) and that's, of course, totally
unacceptable for a mere user so he, too, must be assimilated. ;-)"

Ingmar lives in Dudzele, near Brugge, Belgium, and studies economics.
He has what he calls an inexplicable (but healthy in my book)
addiction to Jazz music, and plays cello and electric guitar. Besides
the KDE overlay he spent some time working on traverso, the
multi-track audio-recorder. He has experience with bash and ruby.

Please everybody, give a very warm welcome to Ingmar.

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