Le 12/11/2008 15:40, Peter Alfredsen a écrit :
But let me point out that in most leaf-packages, removing la files will
cause no pain, but will ensure that they do not have to be rebuilt if
a .la-listed dependency loses its .la file.

Mart, others and myself have already tried removing .la files to "see what would break". And it breaks a whole lot more than we anticipated.

Among others, it breaks KDE3 (all of it), pulseaudio, the current version of app-office/dia, and many more which I can't remember.

In a perfect world, there would be no need for .la files. But we're far from that perfect world. I think it's best we provide a better solution.

Mart had already proposed a "static-lib" USE flag. Donnie just suggested on IRC we turn this use flag into a FEATURES flag.

I think those are much better options than just using this function in some ebuilds.

Cheers :)


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