> (I think pulseaudio is fixed, actually.)

For what it's worth: removing the .la files from pulseaudio breaks its
module loading on freebsd; and it's an elf system. I don't know what
you mean by fixed and I didn't investigate this but restoring the .la
files in the ebuild allowed me to make it load its plugins. Maybe
that's another issue or maybe there's something we have forgotten about
the .la files; I think pulseaudio uses libltdl and iirc these was a
case where the .la files were needed at runtime.

Imho, the only option for punting .la files are the ones that are
opt-in, opt-out ones should be discarded. Having it as a feature is
opt-out and will break anything that needs it and doesn't have the
restrict yet. On the other hand, maybe this could be some property like
"la_files_can_be_punted" which is, as i understand it, the opt-in
version of restrict.

Moreover .la files are good when you want to link statically to some
library because they carry the needed information; they should be
punted only when said library provides a good alternative (like a .pc
file with correct libs.private field).



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