2009/5/4 Thomas Sachau <to...@gentoo.org>
> For those, who can work with IRC and are interested in working with ebuilds, 
> there is already an option:
> Join #gentoo-dev-help or even better #gentoo-sunrise and read the 
> documentation from the topic. The
> Sunrise Overlay (with the #gentoo-sunrise IRC channel) is open for everyone 
> willing to learn and
> contribute to it. Even normal users can get access, learn how to create 
> ebuilds, how to improve them
> and how to maintain them.
> As a starting point, this is a central overlay, where ebuilds are maintained, 
> that dont get a
> developer as maintainer because of missing manpower. Additionally, all 
> contributors learn the ebuild
> development work themselves.

I think these are really good advise but I think we could improve the
way users can help concerning maintainer-needed packages.
dirtyepic made a funny entry on his blog [1] and darkside tried also
to do something [2], but it seems to me that this alias is a black
hole. For instance, the last bugday I tried to close some bugs. Some
one them were assigned to maintainer-needed@,
so I said on #gentoo-bugs that I've updated those bugs. Sometimes, a
dev was watching and the issue was closed, but for others I have still
no comments (Ok. I'm too impatient, but I'm not really confident. But
some devs can still surprise me ;-) )

I fully understand that looking at this type of bug is hard and
boring. On the other hand, I know some devs who are willing to help
and check patches. Since I don't think it would be a good practise to
savagely CC' them, I propose to add a bug-with-patch alias or
something like that.


Olivier Huber

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