>>>>> On Sat, 05 Sep 2009, Mounir Lamouri wrote:

> I suppose adding group license support in ebuilds will fix the problem
> too. But I see a few disadvantages like:
> - new behavior for @ operator: it will not only expand a group but also
>   adding a || operator (only for LICENSE)
> - devs will have to maintain new groups
> - group support in LICENSE has no other need that managing versioned
>   licenses

IMHO the main disadvantage is that ebuilds would have to be converted
to EAPI-4 for this, which is quite an effort for a very small
improvement. And I guess that there are quite a few packages currently
labelled as GPL-2 that are really "GPL 2 or later".

> But if everybody think groups are better, that will be fine.

I would prefer a pragmatic solution, like adding new licence files
as suggested in [1].



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