Le 06/09/2009 02:34, Thomas Anderson a écrit :
Ciaran's really not making homework up for gentoo. Why, remi stated himself that
we have homework to do(and we sometimes don't do that homework)

I did, but I also stated upstream might have some homework to do themselves. Here's a list of things that :

- COPYING automagically copied by automake (that would make the file be GPL-2+ or GPL-3+)
 - code "stolen" from other projects under a non-compatible/viral license
 - bundled libraries
- code that's so old, no-one really knows what the original license (XFree86/Xorg) is or who the copyright holders are (Mozilla)

And I haven't even had my morning coffee yet.

Even if _we_ do our homework, all those reasons above might mislead us into thinking a package has license ABC, while in fact it's under license ABC+ and XYZ.

I don't see how a new EAPI will help us with all the aforementioned issues. And for the proposed LICENSE sets to work correctly, the whole tree needs to be audited, and each new _version_ of each package needs to be rigorously checked if we want to provide something users can _trust_.



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