As announced 5 months ago[1], Gentoo's Qt team now officially
deprecates usage of x11-libs/qt:3 and packages depending on this
version of Qt. The only supported and maintained version of Qt, both
by the upstream developers (Nokia) and the Gentoo Qt Project, is now
only version 4 (specifically >=4.5.3). As a result we have decided on
a policy and timeline for the removal of qt:3 and ebuilds depending on
it. We are dedicated to do anything we reasonably can to make sure
that Qt4 versions or equivalents of the remaining Qt3 packages in the
portage tree are available. The deprecated ebuilds for qt:3, and
packages using it, will remain available in the community-maintained
kde-sunset overlay.

# Timeline #


* mark qt:3 as deprecated with ewarn
* mask qt3 useflag in profiles
* add ewarn to qt3.eclass with link to removal policy
* prepare news item about qt:3 deprecation and future removal


* Qt team meeting: discuss actions to be taken regarding remaining
pkgs that use qt:3


* mask qt:3 and depending ebuilds, pending removal


* remove qt:3 and depending ebuilds from the tree
* remove masks
* clean profiles from qt3 remnants
* mark qt3.eclass as deprecated pending later removal

# Policy for remaining ebuilds depending on qt:3 #

* if Qt3 optional, remove this option
* if Qt4 depending version stable, remove Qt3 depending versions
* if Qt4 depending version in testing, mark stable, then remove older versions
* if no Qt4 version in tree, get Qt4 version in testing by 2010-01-21
and stable by 2010-02-21
* if no Qt4 version exists, check for equivalent/replacement packages,
and mask by 2010-02-21

Note: for packages that currently have no version marked stable, the
references to stabling Qt4 versions obviously don't apply.


Ben de Groot
Gentoo Linux developer, Gentoo Qt Project lead

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