On 03/08/10 18:08, Mark Loeser wrote:
> What is this even in reference to?  Its not at all clear what you are
> trying to do.

Okay, sorry.

I was wondering what classes of bugs there are that are

 - reoccuring (therefore beloning to a "class" or "pattern")

 - relatively easy to fix

 - ideally suited for non-maintainer updates,
     i.e. stuff where the original maintainer just won't mind
     that you touched "his" ebuild, even if he feels more or less
     like its owner

>From such patterns I expect:

 - to find candidates more easy when I myself want to fix something
   within limited time

 - raising awareness on these bugs in hope other feel motivated
   to look outr and fix for some of those, too.

 - use these patterns to find future bugday candidates

A bit clearer now?


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