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> 1 - requirements
> ================
> In order to choose the best possible wiki implementation, we need to
> know our requirements. So what features do you think are essential or
> good to have? What syntax would we prefer to use?
> I myself am a big fan of reStructuredText, which is quite simple,
> easy to pick up, highly readable, and has a good featureset. Plus, it
> is also reusable in other contexts (it is for example widely used in
> documentation of Python libraries). MediaWiki, MoinMoin and Trac have
> support for rst.
> Some others:
> - active upstream (bug fixes, security updates)
> - free open source software
> - ACLs
> - spam prevention measures
> - attachments (to upload screenshots for example)
> - feeds
There is currently a wiki for gentoo at gentoo-wiki.com, which is
running MediaWiki, so it would be easiest to transfer the content if
we were to run the same software. Now, this doesn't mean we should be
limited by their actions, but it seems to me like the best choice for
other reasons as well. Its syntax is probably the most well known,
thanks to Wikipedia. Its upstream is active, it apparently scales and
performs pretty well, it's GPL, supports translations/localization,
feeds, attachments, etc.
I'm sure many other alternatives are as qualified, so this is most
likely a personal preference issue. As such, lets just agree on
something that works and is widespread and go with that and avoid all
the bikeshedding.

> 2 - maintainers
> ===============
> Who is volunteering for maintaining the wiki? We need editors and
> moderators, people who look out for quality control and take care of
> spam removal. So let's get together a team. I'm sure if we ask on the
> forums we'll get some users interested as well.
I volunteer. Spam shouldn't be that much of an issue if editing is
restricted to registered users, but it is a good idea to have a team
of moderators similar to the one that exists for the forums (of course
users can take part of it as well as developers).

> 3 - edit access
> ===============
> Do we keep to the original "free for all" model, with all the spam
> that includes, or do we go with registered users only? I think the
> latter is the smarter option. I also think we will want to mark
> certain pages "official" and lock down editing rights.
IMO it's best if only registered users can edit (but registering
should be easy, no bugs to file or anything, just sign up and use
immediately). This will probably prevent most kinds of spam and allow
for much better tracking of editing and history, allow for banning,
etc. without closing the wiki up too much.
Also, from what I could tell, this is how others are managing their
wiki as well (Arch and Amarok, for example).

Dror Levin

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