> On 4/3/10 3:40 PM, Ben de Groot wrote:
> > Are there any other ideas on how to improve our recruitment process?
> The idea appeared before, but I think it's worth noting.
> Either merge the ebuild and end quizzes, or make the split actually
> meaningful. In my case I just finished both at the same time, but was
> confused why they are separate. I think I've seen similar comments from
> other developers.
> I think I'd rather prefer merging the quizzes.

One thing i've noticed is that the ebuild quiz is far more difficult than the 
eom quiz.   We seem to have the biggest hurdle first.

What I would like to see is either the quizzes be merged or....

An "easier" first quiz that covers the basics which after being answered the 
user can become a gentoo developer  ( ie @gentoo.org email, ssh access to 
d.g.o, etc) but no access to push directly to the tree.  Instead all commits 
must be pushed thru their mentor,  who is responsible for qa'ing and giving 
advice.   Currently I don't think mentors really have much of a role. There is 
certainly no requirement for a mentor to qa their charges commits,  but if 
they are the ones pushing to the tree the mentor has all the responsibility. 
This might just make mentors more responsible for the quality of recruits.

Some of this could be done regardless of whether there are separate quizzes or 
not obviously.  But I think it creates a nice workflow.

- Alistair.

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