On 04/03/10 21:00, Jesus Rivero (Neurogeek) wrote:
>    Maybe if we could find the way to make the knowledge found in
> quizzes be more "exciting" to new devs, then we could still have a
> strong recruitment process without the burden of completing the
> quizzes. So, what I propose is to transform the "quizzes" part of the
> process into a list of tasks the prospect should complete in order to
> gain the necessary ability to "pass". This ability could be measured
> in points or just by task completed.

Nice idea!

>    This doesn't address them either. But I really don't think this is
> the main issue that causes the problem :) So I guess these questions
> could remain in one "easy" quiz.

While you mention the non-technical part: I imagine a gain out of moving
that part to the very end of recruiting: to when people know they almost
made it.  Especially putting up these questions first, turns some people
away too: The problem is they get the wrong impression that being will
be about these boring things later on, but it isn't.

Betelgeuse, what do you think?


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