On 10/27/10 8:59 PM, James Rowe wrote:
> * "Paweł Hajdan, Jr." (phajdan...@gentoo.org) wrote:
>> There is one issue that keeps dev-lang/v8 in hard mask and prevents its
>> broader usage (I think www-client/chromium could start using it).
>   Thanks for working on this.  I use v8 quite a bit, and being able to
> simply depend on the ebuilds would make life easier.

You're welcome! I started the work because people asked for it.

I'm curious: do you have some more ebuilds using v8? It'd be great to
add them to the portage tree at some point, if possible. Or maybe
sunrise overlay...

>   One question: Are the v8 ebuilds going to be switched to use some kind
> of snapshot tarballs before they're unmasked?

Yes, I think it's going to stay hard masked until I resolve issues like
this. subversion shouldn't be required to install v8.

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