On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 1:06 PM, Ian Stakenvicius <a...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> Genkernel's initramfs generation was what we endorsed for the most
> part, until dracut came around.  it's hard to say what "most" are
> doing but i expect dracut and genkernel based initramfs's make up
> the vast majority in use by gentoo users, with a small minority
> rolling their own through other means.

While I personally endorse dracut over genkernel, the reality is that
only genkernel is actually documented in the handbook.  This is due at
least in part to laziness on my part as I've been meaning to add it
since forever.

Likewise I intend to update the handbook to make selection of
openrc/systemd less convoluted as well.  The current handbook does
offer systemd as an option but then basically refers you out to
another page that doesn't follow the same flow as the handbook.

In my notes I've found that it is a pretty trivial change to pick one
or the other actually if you do it at the right time, so this could be
added to the handbook with very little disruption to the flow for
non-systemd users.  I imagine other service managers would be similar,
or even simpler.  I found that switching between the two only requires
two changes - one is to pick a systemd profile relatively early in the
process before doing a world update, and then changing one line in
your grub config at the end.  If you emerge world after you do most of
your system configuration systemd will automatically pick up all the
openrc configuration and use it, which as a bonus leaves you with a
system that is easy to boot in either mode.

Getting back to dracut - it is really just a few lines added as an
alternative to the initramfs section.  After you build your kernel it
is really just a one-liner, and grub2-mkconfig picks up on it
automatically (as I imagine it probably does with genkernel as well).
Unless you want to play with the configuration there isn't much fuss.

I think we really should give strong consideration to recommending
dracut as a default, while of course preserving the option of
genkernel.  I'm certainly open to feedback if there is some use case
where genkernel is better, but dracut is cross-distro, gives you
options to easily maximize or minimize your config, and is really easy
to tailor with modules.


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