Kristian Fiskerstrand schrieb:
Why are those ebuilds not live? If upstream doesn't do real releases and
can't even be bothered to tag the commit that marks a release, then why
are you (or someone else) doing all this work? The snapshot scripts
could be replaced by a live ebuild and upstream can handle bugs as they
come since they can't be bothered to version their software.

I would expect because live ebuilds can't be keyworded, so snapshot is
the correct way to do it.

I think the rule of not keywording live ebuilds originally applied only to those who fetch git/svn/cvs head. If a live ebuild fetches a particular revision, then the disadvantage is still that it can't be mirrored (hence a snapshot is preferable from user POV), but other than that it can be tested fine.

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