On 10/04/2016 06:24 PM, William Hubbs wrote:
>  This would actually be another reason to get rid of grub-0, if it can't
>  build on one of our profiles, it will more than likely never be fixed
>  upstream because they are now focused on grub-2.x.

grub-0 is 32-bit software. You could build it without multilib but you need
the dependencies like any other package (and link them statically). And there
are other packages on the tree that don't build on all profiles.

>> Another alternative would be simply hard-masking it, but leaving it in 
>> place for those who want it.  It does still work, and I see no evidence 
>> we're removing it due to security issues or breakage.
> We are removing it because upstream has a new version of the software
> and has moved on from this one. For most packages, if foo-1.0 is
> stable, then foo-2.0 comes to stable, after some point we remove foo-1.0
> from the tree.

Grub2 is not really a new version, it's a different product with different
use cases. I don't use grub-0 to boot any of my gentoo boxes but I use it for
some embedded x86 projects so it's convenient to be able build it off the
tree. I remember trying grub2 on one of them a while back and IIRC it more
than doubled the size of the image.

Just my 2 cents worth.


Fernando Rodriguez

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