On 10/07/2016 04:56 PM, Matthew Marchese wrote:

> Hi all,
> Thought I'd send a RFC out to you all to get a little feedback before I
> make any changes to this since I didn't originally start the project. If
> no one responds with a good reason why NOT to make the changes I
> purpose, I will proceed in a somewhat timely manner.
> It's been over a year since I manually moved the Presentation Project
> from wwwold to the wiki. No one who was previously involved in the
> project has presumed membership (or leadership) with the project.
> There's only been one meaningful edit by Rich0 to one of the project's
> two subpages. He kindly added links to a Gentoo presentation he recently
> gave.
> I currently see no reason why we need a separate project for
> Presentations. Maybe once when Gentoo PR was busier and we had more
> people giving talks it was necessary. If we're just looking for a place
> to host links or files I think merging this project with Public
> Relations will work nicely. I propose hosting the content of this
> project under the Public Relations project, since it has members who are
> actually overseeing it as Project specification (GLEP:39) demands.
> Empty projects should be removed. They are dead. It's not me who says
> it, it's GLEP 39. Be mad at it, not me. :P
> I already have a repo for PR setup at projects.g.o. I will make a
> presentations/ directory for storing the PDF files that Robin was
> recently looking for...I'll have to dig them out of the Wayback Machine,
> but that shouldn't take me too long.
> Your wiki warrior,
> Maffblaster
> https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Presentation

Okay! I've got all the old stuff dug out of the Wayback Machine. Files
are now hosted under projects.g.o here:


Please note the directory naming. I'd like to keep this consistent with
the date following the title of conference in all lower case. Even if
there's only one talk, please keep it this way. I can envision Gentoo
talks having the same exact title.

I will update the links to the wiki page at some point this weekend
(check back in a few days):


Feel free to point to me to places I can get other FOSDEM / Mini conf
stuff... Not sure what we're going to do about video. Upload them to our
YouTube account and/or Archive.org for hosting?

Kind regards,

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