On Friday, October 14, 2016 5:24:02 PM JST, Matthew Marchese wrote:

After _many_ essential and necessary years of service the Gentoo
Documentation Project (GDP) has fulfilled its purpose[1][2] and is in
the process of being phased out.

As a platform, the wiki has enabled every Gentoo developer (not just
those in the Documentation team) and many in the community to maintain
Gentoo documentation. All the relevant "HOWTO" articles and other
articles produced by former GDP members (and other contributors) have
long since moved to publicly editable wiki namespace. These days the
community and every Gentoo developer should step up to the plate from
time-to-time and maintain the docs.

There is very little that is currently "locked down" on the wiki. The
Handbook (and everything else in the Handbook namespace) is one
exception to what is publicly editable. Since it contains our official
and crucial installation instructions; it is a bit risky to put it
publicly editable namespace. This creates an inherent 'who's responsible
to keep it updated?' So, in order to clarify who will continue to assume
responsibility for the Gentoo Handbook, the Handbook project has been
newly formed as a sub-project of the Wiki project.  Currently just SwifT
and me are in this new project, but anyone who's interested in
updating/maintaining the Handbook is welcome to join.

Here are our current goals, short and sweet:

1. Actively modernize and maintain the official Gentoo Handbook
documentation in the Handbook: namespace.
2. Handle 'marking' the Handbook for translation.
3. Maintain the Handbook Development guide.

Comments on these are welcome.

Suggestions for Handbook updates or fixes can be left on each page's
discussion page. Among other areas of contribution, those who are a part
of this project will make it a priority to respond to these queries.

I suspect next we'll need an e-mail address separate from the wiki's
mail address. Other than that we'll still all hang out in #gentoo-wiki
on Freenode and continue advancing Gentoo to a better place. Again,
comments are welcome.

Kind regards,


Thank you all for maintaining the handbook and ensuring such a crucial portion of Gentoo is maintained!


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