On 10/14/2016 01:24 AM, Matthew Marchese wrote:
> All,
> After _many_ essential and necessary years of service the Gentoo
> Documentation Project (GDP) has fulfilled its purpose[1][2] and is in
> the process of being phased out.
> As a platform, the wiki has enabled every Gentoo developer (not just
> those in the Documentation team) and many in the community to maintain
> Gentoo documentation. All the relevant "HOWTO" articles and other
> articles produced by former GDP members (and other contributors) have
> long since moved to publicly editable wiki namespace. These days the
> community and every Gentoo developer should step up to the plate from
> time-to-time and maintain the docs.
> There is very little that is currently "locked down" on the wiki. The
> Handbook (and everything else in the Handbook namespace) is one
> exception to what is publicly editable. Since it contains our official
> and crucial installation instructions; it is a bit risky to put it
> publicly editable namespace. This creates an inherent 'who's responsible
> to keep it updated?' So, in order to clarify who will continue to assume
> responsibility for the Gentoo Handbook, the Handbook project has been
> newly formed as a sub-project of the Wiki project.  Currently just SwifT
> and me are in this new project, but anyone who's interested in
> updating/maintaining the Handbook is welcome to join.
> Here are our current goals, short and sweet:
> 1. Actively modernize and maintain the official Gentoo Handbook
> documentation in the Handbook: namespace.
> 2. Handle 'marking' the Handbook for translation.
> 3. Maintain the Handbook Development guide.
> Comments on these are welcome.
> Suggestions for Handbook updates or fixes can be left on each page's
> discussion page. Among other areas of contribution, those who are a part
> of this project will make it a priority to respond to these queries.
> I suspect next we'll need an e-mail address separate from the wiki's
> mail address. Other than that we'll still all hang out in #gentoo-wiki
> on Freenode and continue advancing Gentoo to a better place. Again,
> comments are welcome.
> Kind regards,
> Maffblaster
> [1]
> https://archives.gentoo.org/gentoo-doc/message/892f335a04fb7e372116ca3e6b2d0c84
> [2]
> https://archives.gentoo.org/gentoo-doc/message/944b4b36ab3883c6b223a240feb42fb8
Whatever structure that will allow wiki building to continue and reduce
any possible confusion is a win in my book.

Devs interested would need to then join the wiki project then, correct?

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