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> > You know you can make that argument about *every* useflag right? Being
> > unable to test with one and the other co-installed?  
> Did you see the comment where portage has this function now?

I don't actually know what he's referring to specifically, so I
couldn't say. My best guess is something to do with "--prefix" but not

It could just be plain ol' slotting and eselect, but that's not "for

> > What are the benefits.  
> Knowing what you are getting in seconds, made by whom.

Would you similarly want the name of the last gentoo developer who
touched the ebuild in the atom? No? Why not?

> > If Upstream and Gentoo both provide binary releases, but the Gentoo
> > one sucks, we should just abolish the Gentoo one.
> > 
> > If Upstream and Gentoo both provide binary releases, but upstreams
> > sucks, then we should not ship the upstream version.  
> What if you simply just do not know who made the binary?

Then the realisation that "not everyone cares" happens, and you go "ok,
I care, so I have to spend effort to care".

And then automatic masking strategies or emerge output decoration come
into play as viable solutions. As does showing the data in `eix`
output, etc.

Or we're going to find ourselves back debating the old "Eapi in ebuild
filename" debate, except worse, we'd be wanting EAPI visible in the

There's a lot of "but what if you care!??!" things, perhaps this may be
an important one to you, but some people care a lot about LICENSE and
some people just don't.

And its *really* not worth stashing that metadata in the name for a
minority, who *can* answer their questions.

Granted, it is just *4* characters, we're debating about here, so the
bikeshed is rainbow striped with sparkles.

The trick with bikesheds is everyone wants to be the person who decides
the colour of the shed, but are too cautious to wage in on what colour
we paint the house.

Because if we paint the house, "ew, we're stuck with this" if it turns
out gross.

But if we paint the bikeshed nasty, "eh, its just a bike shed".

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