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> On 11/26/2016 01:08 AM, Michał Górny wrote:
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> >> <rant>
> >> A funny deficiency of GitHub is it doesn't allow for open conversations.
> >> You're always forced to talk about something directly related to the
> >> code, like an Issue or a Commit. Gists can be somewhat analogous to an
> >> open discussion, but that strikes me as abuse of the medium.
> >> Additionally, it's not a threaded format so it's hard to guess which
> >> branch of conversation you're on.
> >>
> >> Of course sometimes you *want* to focus strictly on the code, but that's
> >> not how real-world organizations work. They're made of people, and most
> >> people end up talking about things *around* the code that are still
> >> important, like the various RFCs that we post here on the ML. None of
> >> what GitHub offers is suitable for that imo.
> >> </rant>  
> > 
> > GitHub is a code hosting and review tool, not a forum. It's not
> > a replacement for everything ever invented.
> >   
> The GitHub guys seem to disagree with you; unless you consider custom
> emoji support (and reactions, thumbs-up counts, etc) integral to the
> code review process.

Excuse me but how are your visual feelings even remotely related to
the topic at hand? If you want to troll GitHub, please find
an appropriate forum to do so, and don't spam the mailing list.

> Since you didn't address it, what tone was intended by the quip about
> others "pretending" to not use GitHub?

I'm not going to reply to your provocation.

Best regards,
Michał Górny

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