Just to clarify, the contenders for no binpkg would be the
following, potentially more.

 - ebuilds that are fetch restricted
 - ebuilds that installs files unchanged, like kernel sources
 - Binary ebuilds, -bin, that just use src_install and do not build

There may be some other cases, but I think that covers the main ones.
The first case, should NEVER, not even optionally be allowed to be
binpkg. That is re-distributing something that is fetch restricted. If
it cannot be mirrored, I doubt it can legally be  re-packaged.

The later 2 could be "optional" defaulted to not build, but could be
forced. There is little benefit at that point but some may prefer those
be a binpkg.

I have no problem with it being optional.

William L. Thomson Jr.

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