Neat. I didn't spot those new fbreader feature(s). 
I also didn't notice m-n status on fbreader deps.

I'll review this thread, research upstream(s), etc. 
(if it's within my abilities & available time, I'll maint)

- kuzetsa

P.S. yes: at times, QA messages are a tad vague

On 12/14/2017 07:56 AM, wrote:
> This is in fact a newer version of liblinebreak (under a new name).
> liblinebreak is m-n. The ebuild is just a slightly improved
> liblinebreak-2.1.
> This new version improves the functionality of fbreader (the new
> revision -r4 depends on libunibreak). Removing libunibreak would
> require also removing the improved fbreader-0.99.4-r4. libunibreak
> allows fbreader to correctly hyphenate words in languages other than
> English (I am now reading a Russian book in this new revision of
> fbreader, and it is substantially better than doing the same in the
> previous version). I am definitely against removing libunibreak and
> fbreader-0.99.4-r4, and returning to the old
> no-hyphenation-in-non-English-books behaviour.
> Andrey

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