New stages have numerous news items listed that are likely not relevant,
but are shown due to limitations in the filtering in NEWS items. E.g. on a
recent stage3:

nspawntest / # eselect news list
News items:
  [1]   N  2013-09-27  Separate /usr on Linux requires initramfs
  [2]   N  2014-06-15  GCC 4.8.3 defaults to -fstack-protector
  [3]   N  2014-10-26  GCC 4.7 Introduced the New C++11 ABI
  [4]   N  2015-02-02  New portage plug-in sync system
  [5]   N  2015-07-25  Python 3.4 enabled by default
  [6]   N  2015-08-13  OpenSSH 7.0 disables ssh-dss keys by default
  [7]   N  2015-10-22  GCC 5 Defaults to the New C++11 ABI
  [8]   N  2016-06-19  L10N USE_EXPAND variable replacing LINGUAS
  [9]   N  2017-11-30  New 17.0 profiles in the Gentoo repository

Many of these are always displayed. For example:

has "Display-If-Installed: sys-apps/portage" and will be displayed on
nearly every Gentoo machine. While relevant in 2015; I'm skeptical that its
relevant today. I am also considering explicit changes in the filtering
directives to resolve this in the future.

Glep42 states:

News Item Removal

News items can be removed (by removing the news file from the main tree)
when they are no longer relevant, if they are made obsolete by a future
news item or after a long period of time. This is the same as the method
used for updates entries.

I suggest we delete all entries prior to 2016. Git keeps history forever,
so folks can gander at the old entries on


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