On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 09:32:32PM -0500, Brian Evans wrote:
> I have a plan I would like some eyes on...
> I want to gradually *BAN* the use of virtual/mysql and
> virtual/libmysqlclient as dependencies.
Overall I agree, but there's some slight concerns I have.

> To accomplish this, force dev-db/mysql-connector-c to be the only souce
> of libmysqlclient.so.
> Packages that choose to support  libmariadb.so instead can include a
> libmariadb USE to hook up to dev-db/mariadb-connector-c that will be
> introduced (and they can live side-by-side).  The motivation for this
> could be licensing with libmariadb being LGPL instead of GPL.  This is
> similar to ffmpeg/libav, except the libraries can co-exist.
Have all the concerns about using slightly different libmysqlclient.so
builds been resolved? Esp for pre-built binaries (I don't know if there
are any left in the tree).

> The current providers of virtual/mysql would get a new USE flag that is
> MASKED for all users for the transition period and pull in the lib
> package(s) when that USE is disabled.
> virtual/mysql would become a server reference for USERS only.  It would
> be a QA warning violation to depend directly on virtual/mysql as it can
> live anywhere.
This part worries me slightly. I do understand that mysql-embedded is
retired entirely, but apps that spun up their own local mysqld instance
would still be affected this this change.

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