On 14/02/2018 05:37, Robin H. Johnson wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 09:32:32PM -0500, Brian Evans wrote:
>> I have a plan I would like some eyes on...
>> I want to gradually *BAN* the use of virtual/mysql and
>> virtual/libmysqlclient as dependencies.
> Overall I agree, but there's some slight concerns I have.
>> To accomplish this, force dev-db/mysql-connector-c to be the only souce
>> of libmysqlclient.so.
>> Packages that choose to support  libmariadb.so instead can include a
>> libmariadb USE to hook up to dev-db/mariadb-connector-c that will be
>> introduced (and they can live side-by-side).  The motivation for this
>> could be licensing with libmariadb being LGPL instead of GPL.  This is
>> similar to ffmpeg/libav, except the libraries can co-exist.
> Have all the concerns about using slightly different libmysqlclient.so
> builds been resolved? Esp for pre-built binaries (I don't know if there
> are any left in the tree).
>> The current providers of virtual/mysql would get a new USE flag that is
>> MASKED for all users for the transition period and pull in the lib
>> package(s) when that USE is disabled.
>> virtual/mysql would become a server reference for USERS only.  It would
>> be a QA warning violation to depend directly on virtual/mysql as it can
>> live anywhere.
> This part worries me slightly. I do understand that mysql-embedded is
> retired entirely, but apps that spun up their own local mysqld instance
> would still be affected this this change.

Checked a random desktop install and found these packages depending on

vivo@Monfi ~ $ equery d virtual/mysql
 * These packages depend on virtual/mysql:
dev-db/mariadb-10.2.12 (server ? ~virtual/mysql-5.6[embedded=,static=])
dev-libs/apr-util-1.6.1 (mysql ? =virtual/mysql-5*)
dev-libs/cyrus-sasl-2.1.26-r11 (mysql ? virtual/mysql)
dev-libs/redland-1.0.17-r1 (mysql ? virtual/mysql)
kde-apps/akonadi-17.12.2 (mysql ? virtual/mysql)
net-analyzer/net-snmp-5.7.3_p3 (mysql ? virtual/mysql)
net-mail/mailutils-3.4 (mysql ? virtual/mysql)
sci-mathematics/glpk-4.63 (mysql ? virtual/mysql)

It would be interesting to know how their ${*DEPEND} should look after
the change.

Honestly I'd also like to understand the rationale better, why this
change is needed?
Are the implementations of Oracle mysql and Mariadb so different that
it's not possible anymore to consider those equivalent (for what
packages see)?

Thanks in advance,

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