# Georgy Yakovlev <y...@sysdump.net> (13 Mar 2018)
# 1.x version is no longer maintained by upstream
# 2.x is in the tree and is better in almost every way
# Removal in 90 days. Bug #650464

I feel proper mask and last-rite is needed because 2.x is a complete
rewrite in another language, full re-implementation of the client.
Give users a bit more time to migrate to 2.x.

A fork of 1.x exists[1] on life support mode with no intentions of
adding new functionality and will be retired in a year anyway.

Also one of 1.x plugins is vulnerable [2].

I see no reason keeping old version in the tree anymore.

PR submitted: https://github.com/gentoo/gentoo/pull/7455


Georgy Yakovlev <y...@sysdump.net>

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