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> We still have a lot of packages that are keyworded ~x86/x86 but were
> never keyworded ~amd64.  While I suppose there might be exceptions to
> that, in most cases it means that simply nobody has been using it for
> years.

x86, the 32 bit variety, is still popular at the low power end of the spectrum
for things like network appliances. Not the sort of hardware you would
play many games on these days. 

Proceed with caution. Mask them and leave them in the tree. Wait and
see who shouts, if anyone.

Low power systems don't get updated terribly regularly, so be prepared 
to leave the packages in the tree for a lot longer than the customary 30
> Many of them are still at EAPI 0; some were ported to newer EAPIs
> specifically to clean old EAPIs.
> I've already cleaned up some false positives (like svgalib).  If you
> know more, please let me know.
> I have mixed feelings about games on the list.  On one hand, it's
> rather
> obvious that they're x86 binary games.  However, if somebody actually
> used them, they would have probably gained amd64 multilib compat by
> now.

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