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Michał Górny <mgo...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> dev-games/flinker

This builds and starts on amd64 but I'm dubious about whether it would
work correctly in practise. I don't imagine anyone will want to use it.
Best just let it die.

> dev-games/gtkradiant

This has been superseded a few times over and the current fork is
NetRadiant-custom. There is an open bug about the older NetRadiant but
I only dabbled in Quake mapping so never cared enough.


> dev-games/hlsdk

This is a remnant of the Half-Life server stuff that vapier removed in
2005 with the message "valve sucks at linux". I could say more about it
but nobody cares.

> games-action/battalion
> games-action/fakk2
> games-action/postalplus
> games-arcade/epiar
> games-arcade/gunocide2ex
> games-emulation/mekanix
> games-fps/aaut
> games-fps/industri
> games-fps/red-blue-quake2
> games-fps/tenebrae
> games-fps/tribes2
> games-fps/unreal-tournament-strikeforce
> games-fps/ut2003-bonuspack-cm
> games-fps/ut2003-bonuspack-de
> games-fps/ut2003-bonuspack-epic
> games-fps/wolfgl
> games-misc/c++robots
> games-roguelike/hengband
> games-server/bf1942-lnxded
> games-server/mtavc
> games-strategy/mindrover-demo
> games-strategy/netpanzer

I'll try to look through some of these. I still care about UT and even
worked on (but didn't finish) a new UT99 ebuild not so long ago.
Unfortunately it's never been a top priority.

> sys-fs/atari-fdisk

This is still usable on m68k, which is the Atari's own architecture.
The code assumes 32-bit longs so it won't work on 64-bit but it
probably wouldn't be that hard to fix if someone cared enough. I'm
interested in m68k but for the Amiga rather than the Atari. I'm not
sure how useful this is in practise. On the Amiga, I would still use
the AmigaOS partitioning tool over something like this. There is no
replacement for the Atari on Linux as far as I can see though so I
think it should stay.

James Le Cuirot (chewi)
Gentoo Linux Developer

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