[2019-10-28 11:12:49+0100] Hanno Böck:
> There are a bunch of dev-erlang/* packages whose primary reason for
> packagin is that they're dependencies of ejabberd (and they're becoming
> more), most of them currently in maintainer-needed status.
> I'd like to group those together as maintained by an ejabberd project
> and a corresponding mail alias. (And hopefully in the long term won't be
> the only person being in that Project.)
> https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Ejabberd

Wouldn't a Erlang project be better, specially as there is the Perl and 
Python projects which are there for probably the same reasons?

Also saying this from a Elixir (language which borrows a lot from Erlang, 
like it's VM, librairies and fault-tolerance) developer point of view 
which tried to package pleroma few months ago in my overlay, there is a 
bunch of shared dependencies and I'm pretty sure there will be more 
Elixir applications in the wild.

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