On 2019-12-06 16:48, Mike Gilbert wrote:
> It's not quite so simple as you make it sound. There really isn't a
> viable way to defer removal of python2-only packages until we remove
> dev-lang/python:2.7.
> An increasing number of python packages are dropping support for
> python2 when upstream releases new versions. When this happens, we
> really need to drop python2 support from all reverse dependencies as
> well. Alternative strategies like slotting or compatibility packages
> are a stopgap at best, and become a problem as soon as bugs are
> reported or security issues pop up.
> Ripping out python2 support for all reverse dependencies of a core
> package is rather daunting, and is likely to cause much more of an
> uproar than the recent mask. Aaron is really tackling the low-hanging
> fruit at this point: leaves on the depgraph.

But what's the problem here? Why do you need to rip out Py2 support? PHP
project is facing a similar situation with PHP 5.6, 7.0 and now 7.1
becoming EOL. Sure, there are way more Python packages but could you
explain why you can't do the same like we did? I.e. new versions of PHP
PECL extension also dropped support for PHP versions which are EOL. When
we bump these packages we just drop PHP versions which are no longer
able to run these extensions. But we keep at least last version still
supporting PHP version which is/become EOL until we finally get rid of
this PHP version as a whole. For example, a lot of packages are now
masked *with* dev-lang/php:5.6 because Gentoo will finally get rid of
PHP 5.6 which is EOL since 2018-12-31. But we didn't break PHP 5.6 users
by starting to remove PECL extension for this version while
dev-lang/php:5.6 was still a thing...

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