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> Wonderful response, William.

Just because its EOL, doesn't mean it stops working.

It just means *support* for defects and security problems is dropped.

It doesn't prevent us from:

a) vendor patching bugs 
b) vendor patching security issues

So as much as I'm fervently annoyed by needing python 2 on my system
and want to get rid of it post-haste, I too think this move is too

It seems more sensible to me to remove things on the basis of a
*credible problem*, not on the basis of a conjecture that one could
appear in the future.

I'm not averse to change, I just understand for change to be executed
successfully, gradual and careful adjustments have to be made.

Though I deeply suspect once package.deprecated becomes a thing we can use,
we can relegate py2-only stuff there.

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