On 1/20/20 1:39 PM, Michał Górny wrote:
> I'm going to be blunt.  We arbitrarily made a decision that /home
> belongs to sysadmin.  Please respect that.  If you really believe your
> package is *this* special to justify changing this arbitrary decision,
> the burden of proof lies on you.

Ok. How to move forward?

The old user.eclass allowed using /home, and we have packages using
/home. One of them is spamd, and I've beaten to death the reasons why I
think that's the best choice. I would rather not move it somewhere
*less* appropriate on principle. I would also like to not break running
mail systems the second the acct-user package is emerged.

What are the options?

  * Upgrade to GLEP81 anyway and ignore the warning (my interim plan).

  * Hack the acct-user ebuild so that it doesn't trigger the warning, by
    bypassing $D.

  * Leave it on user.eclass.

  * ???

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